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Healthy Lifestyle             

Ask anyone what components are needed to promote a healthy lifestyle and you will hear the two most popular answers - diet and exercise. These are, without a doubt, a great foundation for good health. We must also remember that foundations are meant to be built on. We do not pour a foundation for a building and then declare it finished. With that in mind, regular massage is another important aspect in the plan for a healthy lifestyle. Our daily routines tax our bodies in small ways that add up over time. Soon, we find ourselves burdened with physical ailments that impede our ability to enjoy life. A monthly massage is a natural way to help keep our body in optimum health. It lengthens tight muscles, relieves any soreness you start to develop, increases your range of motion and helps maintain good posture. By keeping up on your body's maintenance you stay active and productive with a higher quality of life!   Top of page


Life Stress          

We don't have control over what life will throw at us, but we do have control over how we handle it. Stress will wreak havoc on a body and the more it's prolonged, the worse it gets. Getting a massage during a stressful time helps the body maintain a healthy condition. Massage relaxes those tight shoulders that have been rising up to meet your ears and you will soon find yourself breathing deeper and easier, a key component in staying calm. The collective effects of massage promote clear thinking to help you successfully deal with the situation at hand.    Top of page



Nothing can interfere more with your day than a nagging headache. The most common form of headache is the tension headache. This is a result of muscle tension that has accumulated in the shoulders and neck. It can last from a few hours to several days. The pain associated with these headaches can rival a migraine. Medication will mask the painful effects but does not prevent it from reoccurring. Massage that focuses on specific muscle groups that are the cause is the best way to treat tension headaches. A massage treatment will also address postural habits that may be contributing to the formation of headaches. The goal is not just to eliminate the headache, but to manage the circumstances that allow for the headache to form, thus reducing the likelihood of future occurrences.    Top of page


Neck & Shoulder

The most universal place to find tension in anyone is in the neck and shoulders. Most often it is due to a combination of poor posture or body mechanics and general stress. You feel a tightness or burning in your shoulders when performing certain motions. You may notice your head can not turn from side to side without pain or restriction. Before long  these symptoms start appearing more frequently and for longer periods of time. While you may feel general tightness, it most likely is due to a specific muscle. When that muscle becomes fatigued, others must step up to carry the load. Unless relief comes soon, those muscles will also fatigue and still more must be recruited. Massage is the most sought after remedy for such a condition. It is also the most effective. A skilled set of hands are needed to work with the muscle tissue and unwind what has been created over time.    Top of page


Back Pain           

It can be between the shoulders, mid-back or low back. Everyone has experienced at one time or another a back spasm that won't let up. You may or may not realize what has caused such back rebellion but you are certain you need it to stop. The repetitive kneading action of massage helps warm and soften your muscles. The firm, long strokes stretch and restore muscles to their normal, relaxed state. You realize it doesn't hurt to sit up or take a deep breath. Suddenly your day just got a whole lot better.   Top of page


Sciatic Pain

The sciatic nerve is the main nerve for the leg, about the width of a pencil, and runs from your sacrum to your foot. When pressure is put on this nerve, pain can resonate throughout your hip and leg. Tight muscles in your low back, buttocks and hips are common causes of sciatic pain. In this case, massage that targets these areas has been  proven to relieve sciatic symptoms. Knowledge of the location of the sciatic nerve and the surrounding muscles is important to address the pain successfully. Stretching has also been helpful in relieving current pain and preventing future episodes.   Top of page

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